A detailed medical history is taken at the first session followed by an hour’s treatment. You will be asked to lie fully clothed on a comfortable couch in a relaxing therapy room.

CranioSacral therapy involves a whole body treatment, not just the head. Very light touch is used at all levels of the body, and some people experience sensations such as heat, cold or tingling at the site of old injuries they may have forgotten, but it is common for patients to feel very little during treatment. The techniques and manipulations are very gentle, and movement within the tissues tends to be quite subtle. These subtle movements trigger the patient’s innate healing process and changes occur gently over time. Sometimes people feel sensations between treatments, and this is quite normal. There may also be emotional release during or after treatment. This can be from old stored issues, or you may not know what it was about. This is all quite normal and to be welcomed as part of the healing process, facilitated by the therapy session.

How many sessions will I need?

For people coming with acute symptoms it is helpful to have 4-6 treatments. Ideally the first two sessions will be about one week apart, the third session is after two weeks, the fourth session after three weeks, then monthly there after. This may be enough for you, but many people find the treatment so relaxing and beneficial generally that they like to return for a regular maintenance treatment.

CranioSacral therapy can and does support many people throughout life, and is now seen as preventative medicine as well as a treatment for acute conditions.


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